Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I Just Got A Letter...

I Just Got A Letter... I Just Got A Letter... I Just Got A Letter... Wonder Who's It's From??? {think Blues Clues} I love it when I get mail...the real stuff-not any bills or junk mail! Well, today waiting for me in my mailbox was this little letter waiting to be opened. This letter is from one of my Littles from this last year, one of the sweetest students I've ever had! The content does not surprise me because she typically wears her heart on her sleeve. Check it out!!! Ü


  1. Love it. I have no questions as to why she loves you:-)

  2. Thanks Dani! I soooo look forward to our plan for next year! I've been doing a lot of research on it and have come across a couple of good articles for you to read up on! Who knew...me going to school that you would have homework! I am so thankful that we work together and love all of our chats! We make a good team! :)