Sunday, April 28, 2013

GREAT News!!! All-Day...Hooray!

I just got word that I will be teaching All-Day Every-Day Kindergarten next year!!! It's official!  I cannot tell you how excited I am!  I don't think that it would be that big of a deal except that I've been teaching 1/2 Day Kindergarten for 2 years now.  Prior to that I taught Full Day Kindergarten for 3 years and LOVED every. single. moment! Cannot wait to get to "fully" know 20 kids as opposed to getting to "kinda" know 44 kids.  Oh, and the conferences...I will only have 2 nights instead of 2 nights and 2 days!  Ooooh, and the lessons that I will be able to teach them now!  So, so, so EXCITED!!!
{Insert Happy Dance here!}
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