Monday, September 2, 2013

My new home... For the next 9 months!

Here's what I had to work with:

Here's what it became:
These are some of the lockers right outside of our room. I have a set on each side of my doors.
I still have to get a couple of posters up, they keep falling down!

Here's my desk.
My favorite document camera!
I also LOVE how I have my lesson plans displayed this year.  Looks so clean!


The Front of the Room
The view from the back of the room.  This little area is the classroom library. 
I still have to get my new big green rug in there!  I also have a set of kiddie furniture
to add once I get it fabric allowed! 

The Window Side of the Room.
The view from one of the entryways.  Nice picture, huh?  I missed the 2 other windows.  I think it was around 11:00pm, hence the darkness outside!  We are lucky that we got some fabulous window shades for those babies.  It gets bright in there during the day!

The Entrance Side of the Room
The view from my desk.  I have choice time totes under the brown sheet. 
I didn't want them exposed during open house so I covered them up!


The Back of the Room
The view from the front of the room. A look at my guided reading area.  On the left of the table is where my Title 1 teacher will work.  On the right of the table is where my volunteer Grandma will work. 

Our Classroom Motto:
Believe in yourself...nothing is im-POSSUM-ble!

Star {word}Gazing
One of my favorite bulletin boards to display high frequency words, student names, colors & etc. When I introduce a new word I will clip it onto the ribbon hanging from the star.  I still need to finish adding the ribbons on letters J-Z...they are supposed to look like shooting stars.  It seemed like a good idea in my head at the time!

Going BUGGY for Birthdays
(& the listening center!)
Each jar has a month at the top and each students' name is
written on a jar in the month that we celebrate their birthday.

Camper of the Week
In a couple of weeks I will be sending home posters with the Little's
that they can fill out with their families telling all about themselves.

My cute black bears to help complete our "Camp" look!
I still need to find the marker that goes in the bear's hand so it looks like
he's the one who crossed off the word "don't".

Table Signs
I made these this year to color code with my tables.
Actually, it think I made them more for me...sometimes I have
trouble remembering where my colored tables are, now all I
have to do is look up!

And my favorite part of my new space...

Yep, this whole storage space is all mine!!!  Actually, my neighbor and I share this closet but I have my side and she has her side and we also have a couple of different "shared" spaces.  I LOVE that I can see what I'm looking for when I need it.  I also LOVE that I have my own little work area and all the supplies that I need.
I may have a slight addiction to plastic storage containers!

Well, that's my classroom space.  I'm sure there will be more to come as I work out the kinks of being in a brand new school!  Thanks for looking!

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  1. what a magnificently beautiful room you have made! I love all the different special locations! Your kids must love it!!! Thank you for posting all the pictures :)