Sunday, February 10, 2013's Cold!'s cold here in MN!  We are having a good old fashioned BLIZZARD! However, I am nice and cozy sitting in front of the fireplace with my puppy cuddled up on my lap and my laptop warming up my legs.  The kids are outside playing in the snow and the husband is shoveling.  (P.S. I do feel a little guilty for not helping him, but I figure if he is going to do it- I don't want to get in his way! :)  I am feeling quite creative today and so naturally I figured that I would do some creating. 
I shouldn't be thinking about St. Patrick's Day already, especially on a day like today!  Last week I noticed that a few of my kids were still having a difficult time making connections with beginning sounds.  So here is an activity that can be differentiated to fit the needs of various levels. 

I made it so the kids could match beginning sound pictures with uppercase letters.  However, it could also be used as a Write-the-Room activity if you used just the beginning sound pictures.  All you need to do is hang the pictures around the room, give the kids a clipboard, pencil and the accountability page and they should be good to go!  They walk around the room looking for the beginning sound pictures and write the letter beside the picture on their own accountability sheets! For those kiddos that are secure with beginning sounds, you could have them write the word of each picture they find.  So, click here and head on over to my TPT store to get your own copy.  Happy Sound Hunting!

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